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Der Datenschutzkoordinator - alles was man wissen muss - DSGVO - Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit

simply explained: the data protection coordinator

In this technical article we dealt with the so-called “data protection coordinator”. Not least because of the increasing requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation, more and more companies are deciding to appoint an external data protection officer. A data protection coordinator should be assigned to this in the company. But what exactly is a data protection coordinator and what is his job? What is the difference between data protection officers and data protection coordinators? We clarify these and other questions in this blog post.
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Cyber Gefährdung - Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit - Corona bedingt verschärft

Risk in the area of information security and data protection from Corona intensified

The corona pandemic has given SMEs in particular a boost in digitization. Collaboration tools have reached an unprecedented level of penetration. Home office is widely accepted by employers. For many companies and employees, everyday life in the company has improved and made it easier. Despite all the euphoria, one shouldn’t forget data protection and information security. The BSI (short for Federal Office for Information Security) also reminds of this in its “Report on the Situation of IT Security in Germany 2020” from October 20, 2020, in which it states that the attack surface and the associated cyber threat to criminals increased during the pandemic.
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Daten, Papierarchieve, DSGVO, was gibt es alles zu beachten?

Data protection in data and paper archives

The digitization of processes, the outsourcing of data to cloud solutions, email archiving, the implementation of the requirements from the GoBD with regard to the documentation of digital business processes with corresponding storage solutions and backups as well as the handling of the extensive requirements for IT security and data protection resulting from all this are all part of the The center of the action.
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Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit in Clouds - was gibt es zu beachten?

Information security and data protection in clouds

Data storage is increasingly moving to the clouds, away from local servers. What many companies are not aware of: Although it is practical to hardly have to worry about anything, you still have to ensure data protection and information security yourself.

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Schmerzensgeld für unvollständige und verspätete Auskunft - DSGVO Bußgeld

GDPR violation: Compensation for incomplete and late information

Violations of the GDPR can cost companies dearly. The first thing that usually comes to mind are the high regulatory fines that are widely reported in the press. But not only high fines from the supervisory authorities threaten defaulting companies with incorrect information – compensation for pain and suffering can also be due, as the judgment of the Düsseldorf Labor Court of March 5, 2020 showed (Az. 9 Ca 6557/18). The reasoning for the judgment contained some fundamental statements regarding immaterial damages in connection with the violation of the GDPR.
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Biktom Studie offenbart - DSGVO - was gibt es alles zu beachten?

Bitkom study reveals: even 2 years after the introduction of the GDPR, companies still find it difficult to implement the GDPR

The Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media e. V. (Bitkom) has commissioned a study on the implementation of the GDPR in companies, the results of which were presented on September 29, 2020. According to this, half of the companies surveyed did not introduce new projects due to the requirements of the GDPR. Only 20% of the companies stated that they have now fully implemented the GDPR.

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Verarbeitungstätigkeiten - Was gibt es zu beachten?

Processing activities – what should be considered?

“More paperwork, more documentation. That is just a hindrance and does not help anyone ”. Most likely react in this way or something similar when it comes to keeping a record of the processing activities that, according to Article 30 GDPR, must be kept in every organization and company as soon as personal data is processed. Article 83 GDPR creates an additional “monetary incentive” to act. Who would like to receive a fine because data protection has not been complied with? The loss of image due to publications is often greater than the resulting financial damage.
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Datenschutzrechtliche Risikofaktoren - DSGVO-Bußgelder bei nicht Einhaltung dieser Regelungen

Data protection risk factors: former employees and dissatisfied customers

In the day-to-day work of a data protection officer, you have to do a lot of persuading and repeatedly fight for compliance with the GDPR. Companies often shy away from costs and effort when making necessary adjustments. Business leaders generally question the GDPR, the demands of which are far too exaggerated. In the following we take a closer look at the topic of “data protection risk factors”:
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Web-Checks - DSGVO-Check - Ist ihre Website Sicher?

GDPR check – is your website GDPR compliant?

Could you safely say that your website is compliant with data protection regulations? Because anyone looking for data protection deficiencies on the Internet will quickly find what they are looking for. Everything is included, from the inadequate cookie banner to the poorly accessible data protection declaration. But what is the cause of this? Do companies not want to meet their legal obligations or do they not even know that they are doing something wrong? You can find out in our GDPR check!
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Information security, IT security and data protection – terms simply explained

Information security, data protection and IT security are three terms that are often used in the same context in everyday life, but have different meanings. The corresponding measures usually go hand in hand, but data protection, data security and IT security have very different priorities. All three areas are of crucial importance within a company. You can find out what is important in detail and what the specific differences are in the blog article.

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