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Homeoffice und 3G am Arbeitsplatz - Neues Bundesinfektionsschutzgesetz bringt bundesweite Vorgaben für den betrieblichen Corona-Infektionsschutz

Home office and 3G at the workplace – New federal infection control law brings federal requirements for corporate corona infection control

After a long struggle to find the right way to deal with the exploding infection figures, the Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) approved the law to amend the Infection Protection Act and other laws on the occasion of the repeal of the determination of the epidemic situation of national significance on 19.11.2021. This means that the draft law, which was already passed by the Bundestag on Nov. 18, 2021, can enter into force promptly.

In addition to far-reaching restrictions in public life, the focus will again be on occupational infection control.

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3G am Arbeitsplatz - alles Wissenswerte zur Corona Schutzverordnung und deren Datenschutz

VIDEO: 3G in the workplace – everything you need to know about the Corona protection regulation and its data protection

Recently, the Corona traffic light has been on red throughout Bavaria, bringing with it stricter regulations for infection control. The regulations applicable to each stage were not adjusted again to the worsening infection situation in the Free State until 05.11.2021 with the Ordinance Amending the Fourteenth Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance.
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Kontaktdatenerfassung in Bayern entfällt in vielen Bereichen

Contact data collection in Bavaria omitted in many areas

As the cabinet in Munich announced on Oct. 12, 2021, the obligation to collect contact data will be eliminated in many areas in Bavaria as of Oct. 15, 2021.

For example, the obligation to record visitor and customer data will be dropped in the areas of gastronomy and cultural events. As far as known so far, however, the obligation to collect contact data will continue to apply to large events with more than 1000 people. In addition, the obligation will remain in clubs, discotheques and comparable leisure facilities. Likewise, the now customary contact data collection will remain in place for gastronomic offerings with dance music, for services close to the body, and in community accommodations.

Wherever the obligation to collect contact data ceases to apply, the previous legal basis on which this data processing was based also ceases to apply. This means that data controllers who previously collected contact data must check whether they are still obliged and authorized to do so. If the legal obligation to do so ceases to apply, the authorization may also cease to apply and the corresponding data processing would be unlawful in cases where there is no other legal basis.

We are happy to help our customers and anyone who wants to become our customer to check whether a contact data collection is still permitted under data protection law. Just give us a call or make an appointment with us.

Corona-Tests im Arbeitsverhältnis - Datenschutz -

Corona tests in employment

With the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (Corona-ArbSchV), the legislator has imposed an obligation on employers to offer employees a Corona self- or rapid test at least twice per calendar week (§ 5 para. 1 Corona-ArbSchV). This measure was intended to contain the spread of Corona infection, particularly in the workplace context.

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Besuchermanagement & Datenschutz - DSGVO - Corona - Sars - CoVid-19 - CoVid - Datenschutz - BDSG neu - Daten - Personenbezogene Daten

The visitor process in your company – what were the data protection requirements like in times of Corona?

The first impression counts, and this is especially true for visitors to your company. You can score points here with a professional visitor process. In the following, you will find out how to comply with data protection requirements but still meet requirements from the various areas.

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Corona app – warning app on employees’ company cell phones

On Tuesday morning yesterday, the federal government, the Robert Koch Institute and the companies involved officially presented the federal government’s corona warning app. At the same time, they called for widespread use of the app. With the help of the Corona app, chains of infection should be made easier to understand. The general GDPR conformity of the app has already been confirmed by the managing director of TÜV Informationstechnik.

After the official presentation, many employers now face the question of whether the installation of the Corona app is permissible on employees’ private and company cell phones.

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Corona und Datenschutz

Important information from the DSK: Health data may be collected to protect against infection during the corona pandemic

Data protection and infection control measures are not mutually exclusive, state the German data protection supervisory authorities together. Many employers and employees are now faced with new questions. To what extent and under what circumstances may or must health data be exchanged at all?
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