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Video surveillance and data protection

Video surveillance is used by many companies. This has, for example, economic reasons, as video surveillance is more cost-efficient than a guard service. At the same time, companies have to deal with the permissibility of the video surveillance used. Within the scope of our activities, as external data protection officers, we support companies in all data protection issues. This also includes the topic of “video surveillance and data protection”. In this blog post, we explain which requirements must be met in order to operate a video surveillance system in compliance with data protection law.

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Umfang des Rechtes aus Art. 15 DSGVO - Datenschutz - Datenschutzrechtlich - Urteil - Rechte - Personenbezogene Daten - Daten - BAG

The right to information according to Art. 15 GDPR – ruling of the Bundesarbeitsgericht does not bring clarity

Even in the context of an employment relationship or after its termination, an employee has the right to information about the processing of his or her data pursuant to Art. 15 GDPR. So far, so clear. As in many cases, the problems begin with a detailed examination.

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Vorsicht bei "Double-Opt-In-Verfahren" zur Einholung einer datenschutzrechtlichen Einwilligung für Telefonwerbung - Datenschutz - DSGVO - Personenbezogene Daten - Einwilligung - Double-Opt-In - Rechte -

Caution with “double opt-in procedures” for obtaining consent for telephone advertising under data protection law

In its decision of February 16, 2021 (Case No.: 2 A 355/19), the Higher Administrative Court of Saarland determined that consent under data protection law to advertising approaches by telephone cannot be proven by the so-called “double opt-in procedure” in connection with an “Internet sweepstake”. The telephone advertising can then also not be based on a legitimate interest according to Art. 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO, as there is an anti-competitive processing.

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Non-compliant publication of photos in brochure – employee receives compensation of € 5,000 for pain and suffering

Competent employees are a figurehead for successful companies. It is therefore standard practice for websites and other advertising materials to show photos of employees. As a ruling by the Münster Labor Court (Case No. 3 Ca 391/20) dated March 25, 2021 makes clear, data protection requirements must not be disregarded. The defendant employer was ordered to pay € 5,000 in damages for pain and suffering due to the publication of a photo of her employee without her written consent, Section 82 (1) of the GDPR, as it was a photo publication that did not comply with the GDPR. The defendant had used a picture of the plaintiff in a context related to her skin color in violation of the GDPR.

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Ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels? Die neuen Standardvertragsklauseln zur Übermittlung personenbezogener Daten in Drittländer

A light at the end of the tunnel? The new standard contractual clauses on the transfer of personal data to third countries

On 4th June 2021, the European Commission adopted the new standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries in accordance with the GDPR.

The new standard contractual clauses, the GDPR speaks of standard data protection clauses (Art. 46 para. 2 lit. c) GDPR), will enter into force at the end of June 2021 and will replace the existing contracts for controllers and for processors.

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Das Recht auf Widerspruch - Der Art.

The right to object – Article 21 GDPR under the microscope

The right to object – Art. 21 GDPR under the The right to object under Art. 21 GDPR is certainly not as prominent as, for example, the right to data erasure (right to be forgotten) under Art. 17 GDPR. Nevertheless, there are some data protection law subtleties to consider here, which we will highlight in this article.

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Zahlungsdienstleister als Auftragsverarbeiter -

Payment service provider as a processor? – What must be observed in terms of data protection law for payment service providers

Payment processing via service providers is convenient, fast and easy for customers and responsible companies. In the following we explain what companies in charge of data protection have to observe if they want to use payment service providers for payment processing with their customers.

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Datenoffenlegung an Partnerunternehmen - DSGVO - DSGVO Bußgeld - Bußgeld - Datenschutz - Datenschutzverstoß - Datenschutzgrundverordnung - Daten

Disclosure of data to partner companies

For many companies, division of labour and cooperation are not only a matter of necessity, efficiency and cost reduction, but also a matter of course. What someone else can do better, he can usually do faster and cheaper, and if you sell to the same customers, there are synergies in the merger. In this respect, many companies think of many things when it comes to partnerships and cooperations with other companies – only data protection is often forgotten when it comes to the disclosure and transfer of data. It is often overlooked that cooperations with other companies require that personal data be disclosed to third parties. However, responsible companies should definitely check this data transfer in terms of data protection law and clearly define and regulate responsibilities in order to avoid fines.

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