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Zahlungsdienstleister als Auftragsverarbeiter -

Payment service provider as a processor? – What must be observed in terms of data protection law for payment service providers

Payment processing via service providers is convenient, fast and easy for customers and responsible companies. In the following we explain what companies in charge of data protection have to observe if they want to use payment service providers for payment processing with their customers.

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Datenoffenlegung an Partnerunternehmen - DSGVO - DSGVO Bußgeld - Bußgeld - Datenschutz - Datenschutzverstoß - Datenschutzgrundverordnung - Daten

Disclosure of data to partner companies

For many companies, division of labour and cooperation are not only a matter of necessity, efficiency and cost reduction, but also a matter of course. What someone else can do better, he can usually do faster and cheaper, and if you sell to the same customers, there are synergies in the merger. In this respect, many companies think of many things when it comes to partnerships and cooperations with other companies – only data protection is often forgotten when it comes to the disclosure and transfer of data. It is often overlooked that cooperations with other companies require that personal data be disclosed to third parties. However, responsible companies should definitely check this data transfer in terms of data protection law and clearly define and regulate responsibilities in order to avoid fines.

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