Personalized contact details for employees of business partners – a problem under data protection law?

The more detailed data processing operations are considered in corporate practice, the more data protection problems seem to arise. How does it look e.g. with the use of personalized contact details that have been sent to my company by business partners and are assigned to the employees of the business partner?

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Information security, IT security and data protection – terms simply explained

Information security, data protection and IT security are three terms that are often used in the same context in everyday life, but have different meanings. The corresponding measures usually go hand in hand, but data protection, data security and IT security have very different priorities. All three areas are of crucial importance within a company. You can find out what is important in detail and what the specific differences are in the blog article.

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GDPR made easy – with the data protection SOFTWARE “DOCU-SAFE” | part 2 processors

In part 2 of the series “GDPR made easy – with the data protection software docu-safe”, the function in “Processor” in the software is explained in more detail.
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EU-US Privacy Shield im Schrems 2 Urteil gekippt

Response to Schrems II judgment US Department of Commerce publishes white paper

The judgment of the European Court of Justice, which determined the ineffectiveness of the Privacy Shield Agreement between the European Union and the USA (Schrems II), did not go unnoticed in the USA either. In response, the US Department of Commerce has now published a white paper on data protection risk analysis as part of data export to the USA.

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GDPR made easy – with the GDPR SOFTWARE “DOCU-SAFE” | Part 1 processing activities

The DSGVO software “docu-safe” ensures structured data protection management and thus helps to make the permanent implementation of the DSGVO in your company as easy, secure and smart as possible. In part 1 of the video series “GDPR Made Easy” we explain everything you need to know about the basics of GDPR software and about […]

DSGVO für Vermieter

GDPR for landlords – Part I Data protection must also be observed in the rental relationship

Credit information, wage and salary statements, information on the number of children and pets. This list is only a small overview of the personal data that are usually processed in the context of a tenancy. To protect this data and the rights and freedoms of the tenants concerned, landlords must also observe the General Data Protection Regulation. In the current blog post “GDPR for landlords” we inform you about some of the basic requirements that the GDPR places on landlords. In Part II of the article, we then turn to specific case studies in which data protection in the rental relationship must be observed.

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4 steps to holistic IT and information security

Hardly a week goes by without headlines about successful cyber attacks on companies. Not only large corporations, but also more and more small and medium-sized companies are the targets of cyber attacks. Regardless of whether the human factor is used as the attack vector or whether attacks are carried out directly on IT systems, the economic damage is enormous in most cases. In order to prevent such attacks, it is clear that a large number of IT security measures must be implemented in the company. The subject of IT and information security is complex and often not manageable. For this reason, organizations often ask themselves how one can initially approach such a complex topic in practice. Find out more about the first and, above all, essential steps to improve your information and IT security in our blog article.

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GDPR explained simply: TOMs – technical-organizational measures

In today’s digital age in particular, it is important that companies take sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect personal data in accordance with GDPR.

From a factual point of view, absolute protection must be rejected. Nevertheless, there are measures that almost certainly prevent personal data from reaching unauthorized persons unhindered. In this blog article, we answer how protection is to be guaranteed.

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Aufgaben eines ISB - was macht ein Informationssicherheitsbeauftragter?

Tasks of the information security officer (ISO)

In order to successfully implement an information security management system (ISMS) in a company, every company needs an information security officer (ISB). In this article we show you the extensive tasks of the ISB.

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Datenschutz und Marketing DSGVO-konform gestalten

Data protection and marketing – what do you have to consider?

Data protection and marketing – are both possible? Yes!

You just have to know what to look for! In our video we address the most important questions.

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