Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit in Clouds - was gibt es zu beachten?

Information security and data protection in clouds

Data storage is increasingly moving to the clouds, away from local servers. What many companies are not aware of: Although it is practical to hardly have to worry about anything, you still have to ensure data protection and information security yourself.

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Information security, IT security and data protection – terms simply explained

Information security, data protection and IT security are three terms that are often used in the same context in everyday life, but have different meanings. The corresponding measures usually go hand in hand, but data protection, data security and IT security have very different priorities. All three areas are of crucial importance within a company. You can find out what is important in detail and what the specific differences are in the blog article.

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GDPR made easy – with the data protection SOFTWARE “DOCU-SAFE” | part 2 processors

In part 2 of the series “GDPR made easy – with the data protection software docu-safe”, the function in “Processor” in the software is explained in more detail.
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GDPR made easy – with the GDPR SOFTWARE “DOCU-SAFE” | Part 1 processing activities

The DSGVO software “docu-safe” ensures structured data protection management and thus helps to make the permanent implementation of the DSGVO in your company as easy, secure and smart as possible. In part 1 of the video series “GDPR Made Easy” we explain everything you need to know about the basics of GDPR software and about […]

The visitor process in your company – what were the data protection requirements like in times of Corona?

The first impression counts, and this is especially true for visitors to your company. You can score points here with a professional visitor process. In the following, you will find out how to comply with data protection requirements but still meet requirements from the various areas.

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GDPR violation – 1.2 million euros fine!

Data errors should cost the AOK Baden-Württemberg a fine of 1.2 million euros.

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GDPR fine calculator – fine calculation for GDPR violations

The data protection conference has decided on a concept for the assessment of the GDPR fine in proceedings against companies, which specifies the abstract catalog of criteria from Art. 83 GDPR. The aim is to obtain a transparent and case-by-case form of fine assessment. The concept is intended to serve as a national guideline for the calculation of fines until the European Data Protection Committee issues Union-wide harmonized guidelines.

The concept has been around since September 2019, but for many companies the question still arises as to how a possible fine is calculated. We explain the calculation of the GDPR fine in detail in the following blog article.

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EDSA updates guidelines on cookie consent for websites

As early as October 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that when a website is accessed, the setting of cookies requires the active consent of the website visitor. This does not include cookies that are technically necessary to ensure the functionality of the website. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has now updated its guidelines on consent for websites and once again emphasized the urgent need for correct cookie consent. Learn more about this in our blog article.
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Datenschutz in Österreich

Data protection in Austria: first warning and then fine?

Data protection in Austria does not work without the GDPR! The Austrian data protection supervisory authority clarifies the relationship between the data protection sanctions. In Austria, too, it is not mandatory that in the event of a data protection breach, a data protection warning must first be issued and a second breach may only be punished with a fine. Rather, a fine is possible even for the first breach.
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Recommendations for video conferencing systems and data protection

The corona pandemic has often forced companies, more or less overnight, to let employees work from home. In order to maintain operations and, above all, internal and external communication, video conferencing has become the new communication standard worldwide, at an almost unbelievable speed. But which video conferencing system is the best choice in terms of data protection compliance?

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