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Another vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange servers

The widespread Microsoft Exchange mail server has again been targeted by cyber criminals. Last week, security researcher Orange Tsai presented a new attack method called ProxyShell on said software at the BlackHat security conference. This now prompts criminals to actively look for this loophole and exploit it, as the evaluations of various honeypots show. In computer security, a honeypot is, for example, a server that simulates the network services of a computer, an entire computer network. Honeypots are used to obtain information about attack patterns and attacker behavior. Due to the information obtained in this way, this situation is to be regarded as very critical, especially if the Microsoft Exchange Server can be reached via the Internet, which is currently the case with over 400,000 servers.

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Recommendations for video conferencing systems and data protection

The corona pandemic has often forced companies, more or less overnight, to let employees work from home. In order to maintain operations and, above all, internal and external communication, video conferencing has become the new communication standard worldwide, at an almost unbelievable speed. But which video conferencing system is the best choice in terms of data protection compliance?

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