e-Learning trainings for employees

Use the easiest and quickest method to improve your employee´s information security skills and data protection skills – via e-learning!

Your employees need in-house-training on information security and data protection? This training should be both cost effective and include all required content? Or do you want your employees in your international business locations be familiar with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
Regardless of the size of your company, we provide both small businesses and international enterprises with a perfectly matching training program.


We provide the solutions: information security trainings and data protection trainings

Flexible timing and low time exposure: only 20 minutes per lesson

Your employees can do their training module in the office or even at home office – no extra planning and scheduling is needed. You can even let each employee decide by him/herself, when and where he/she wants to do the training.
Everything required to start the training is a personal computer with internet access, browser and the eLearning ticket. It takes approximately 20 minutes to do one of our training modules. Once the training is done and successfully passed, each employee obtains his/her personal certificate with his/her name on it.
Via your cockpit, you have the full overview over all trainings and you can keep track with the efforts of each employee, in order to fully comply with the regulations of the GDPR regarding awareness-raising and staff training.

Suiting employee trainings for all lines of business via e-learning

Depending on the line of business, different requirements regarding information security and data protection have to be fulfilled. Therefore, we provide you with not only GDPR-Basic-Training and information security / – awareness training for all lines of business, but also with individual and special training modules, e.g. health services, public administration, automotive industry and many more.

Train your employees at full length, even for particular requirements, in order to profit from their knowledge base.

What do our customers say about us?


„The aigner business solutions team impresses us with extremely competent and solution-oriented advice. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we have enormously improved our information security management and passed the certification right away. We can only recommend aigner business solutions.”

Rita Craigue – from the TISAX® project team
Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG

„An excellent collaborative partnership. This is characterised by the competent, comprehensive data protection advice, which was always geared towards our requirements. It is nice to have data protection officers bringing concrete recommendations for solutions to take us forward instead of constantly only talking about what isn’t possible.”

Georg Andreas Huber – owner, Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG
Maier Korduletsch

“We feel extremely well taken care of thanks to the flexible support from the competent team of specialists at aigner business solutions. If you constantly have the right contact from the fields of IT or law on your side, data protection isn’t an obstacle – instead, it can ultimately be used as a mark of quality. With its data protection “as a service” approach, this team provides the optimal key for top data protection and IT security – and always in a solution-oriented way!”

Franz-Christian Brummer – commercial manager / authorised representative
Lindner Group KG, Arnstorf

„Competence – reliability – flexibility! These three characteristics define our experience of working with them. For us, aigner business solutions is the best place to go to take your data protection and IT security to the next professional level in a solutions-oriented way.”

Andreas Bachmaier – managing director

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Web-based – ZERO IT-support needed
  • All you need is a personal computer with internet access, browser and the ticket
  • 100 % compliance with GDPR
  • Flexible scheduling for each employee
  • Only 20 minutes needed per employee and per training-module
  • Special trainings for different lines of business
  • Available in English and German, more languages available on demand
  • Including personal certificate for each employee, printed or downloaded

Here's how it works...

1. Request for proposal

Fill in the contact form, call us or send an e-mail with your requirements

2. Councelling call and offer

Let´s find out which training module is the best one for your needs. We will send you your special offer.

3. Scheduling

After having received your mandatory order, we will send you the needed amount of eLearning tickets.

4. Implementation

As soon as all your employees have gotten their ticket, everybody can start the training. Via our digital cockpit, you can keep track with the ongoing progress.

5. Evaluation

Finally, you will receive the training results as CSV. All employees having passed the test successfully, will get a personal certificate.

6. You have fully complied with the regulations of the GDPR!

Take the first step!

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Other questions...

Can my employees be trained on-the-spot as well?

Of course! Our experienced data protection officers and information security experts train your employees on the spot. We also offer training of information multipliers who then will do the training for all employees.

Which topics does your eLearning program include?

Our eLearning program provides training modules in IT-security, data protection, health services, public administration, automotive industry and many more. Just ask for your personal offer.

How much does your eLearning program cost?

You simply pay per ticket/employee. Please ask our consultants for detailed information. We are happy to make you a personal offer.


Still have questions?