Online data protection training via eLearning

von Kathrin

In many companies there is not enough time for regular instruction on the subject of data protection. We have the solution for this with our online data protection training.

Data protection training via eLearning

Now you can also have your employees trained on data protection topics via eLearning. This is made possible by our web-based eLearning platform, on which we offer you various training courses on the subject of data protection. How does this work? Very easily…

You book digital access codes for one or more online courses with us. You then provide these codes to your employees by email. Your employees can then complete the training at a flexible time. You should plan to spend around 20 minutes per course topic. After completing the training, each employee receives their personal certificate of attendance to download and print out. Finished.

As an employer, you manage the instructions via a cockpit. You can track how many employees have already completed the training. You will also receive follow-up documents, proof of instruction and more. After the training, pull a csv file from the cockpit. This gives you an overview of the status of the instructions. You upload this document to your data protection management system as proof of training – such as our docu-safe software. You have thus fulfilled your duty to instruct!

We offer the ideal combination of intelligent online data protection training and personal on-site training by our specialists.

You can find more information on the subject on our eLearning service page. Request your tailor-made offer that suits your needs today. Just contact us!


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