You can use audits to reliably identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your company or in your documentation.

Do you not know whether your data protection and information security measures are sufficient to stop you receiving cautions or fines? Do you need to prove to your suppliers, customers or supervisory authorities that your corporate processes fulfil all the criteria they are subject to? Do you want to check your own service providers or suppliers are complying with the requirements of the law or directives? Or do you need to have an audit carried out to get your company certified?


We can help you with our certified auditors

We can help you identify your vulnerabilities

With our audits, we review the current situation and the way in which specific standards, laws and directives are adhered to in your company. Existing processes are professionally audited by us to check their compliance. The results are recorded in an extensive report and handed over to you with a deviation analysis, including suggestions for recommended actions.

These audit reports then serve as important evidence of external verification of your compliance with existing standards and directives for your customers, suppliers and the supervisory authorities. By request, you can also get a certificate.

We only carry out audits in accordance with the standard ISO 19011

The standard ISO 19011 is an internationally recognised guideline for auditing management systems in companies and is a standard that is also valid for international collaboration across large parts of the world.

That means that an audit by us can show your customers and even your suppliers – even those based abroad – that your measures for complying with laws and directives are being adequately implemented.

Our audits

Data protection audits

Here we check your company and its processes, the extent to which applicable data protection directives and the GDPR are being adhered to and where there are still weak points for you to receive fines or cautions.  You then receive a report from us with recommended actions for you to implement.

IT security audit

Here we investigate your IT system for vulnerabilities and security gaps. This is based on standard ISO/IEC 27001 and the international security policies on which the standard is based. The range of measures created by us then forms the foundation for further steps for remedying these vulnerabilities.

Physical security audits

Here we check the effectiveness of your physical security measures, such as locks, video surveillance and alarm systems, as well as communications and reaction times in the event of an alarm. We then compile all the weak points we successfully identified into a final report for you which shows you the vulnerabilities, risks and the recommendations derived from them.

Supplier audit

Here we review your suppliers or service providers, to see whether they meet the criteria and comply with the law and directives. Special attention is paid here to compliance with the so-called “TOMs” – technical and organisational measures – and “processing security” in processing relationships (provisions from articles 28 and 32 of the GDPR) so that you can work together in the best possible way and that your risk of being fined is largely reduced.

What do our customers say about us?


„The aigner business solutions team impresses us with extremely competent and solution-oriented advice. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we have enormously improved our information security management and passed the certification right away. We can only recommend aigner business solutions.”

Rita Craigue – from the TISAX® project team
Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG

„An excellent collaborative partnership. This is characterised by the competent, comprehensive data protection advice, which was always geared towards our requirements. It is nice to have data protection officers bringing concrete recommendations for solutions to take us forward instead of constantly only talking about what isn’t possible.”

Georg Andreas Huber – owner, Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG
Maier Korduletsch

“We feel extremely well taken care of thanks to the flexible support from the competent team of specialists at aigner business solutions. If you constantly have the right contact from the fields of IT or law on your side, data protection isn’t an obstacle – instead, it can ultimately be used as a mark of quality. With its data protection “as a service” approach, this team provides the optimal key for top data protection and IT security – and always in a solution-oriented way!”

Franz-Christian Brummer – commercial manager / authorised representative
Lindner Group KG Arnstorf

„Competence – reliability – flexibility! These three characteristics define our experience of working with them. For us, aigner business solutions is the best place to go to take your data protection and IT security to the next professional level in a solutions-oriented way.”

Andreas Bachmaier – managing director

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Significant reduction in the risk of cautions or fines
  • Proof for your customers that you fulfil all the criteria for working together with them
  • Vulnerabilities in processes are identified and can be remedied
  • Increase in data protection and information security meaning that your company is as well protected as possible
  • Every audit is followed by a detailed report with a GAP analysis and recommendations
  • Certificate and seal which you are welcome to publicise
  • Audits are the foundation for other necessary certificates

Here's how it works...

1. Make an appointment

Click on the “Make an appointment” button, fill out the contact form with your details and make a suitable phone appointment for a free consultation.

2. Consultation

We´ll have a detailed look at, which audits you might need, what a potential cooperation could look like, and at the extend of measures that should be taken.

3. Conception

We discuss in detail which processes or service providers need to be audited, which documents we require and set up an audit plan.

4. Implementation

We carry out the audit on your premises or the premises of your service provider and investigate your processes for vulnerabilities step by step (GAP analysis).

5. Reporting

We present you the results in a report and show you were your vulnerabilities are and how they can be remedied.

6. Certified - secured!

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Still have questions?

Is the consultation really free?

Yes, it’s completely free and non-binding – it is just an opportunity to get to know each other and to find out if and how we can help you with your issues. You will absolutely not be invoiced for the consultation.

How does the collaboration work when it comes to audits?

First we have an initial discussion to determine what you need so that we can support you as much as possible. The actual audit process starts after commissioning with project planning and a GAP analysis. The time and resource requirements for the actual audit are worked out – this is done by our specialists and at least 1 contact person from your company. Following the audit, there will be an audit record or report with the results and findings, our assessments and recommendations.

We’ll also be there for you after the audit process if you have any questions or issues. We can also help you carry out optimisation measures upon request.

Do you also carry out audits according to international standards?

Yes, we always carry out audits on the basis of the specifications of DIN ISO 19011. This is an internationally recognised guideline for auditing management systems. This standard is applicable to all organisations carrying out internal or external audits of management systems. The certification process you’re aiming for, such as DIN ISO 27001, TISAX or ISIS12, has no role to play in this.

Will you also support me in remedying vulnerabilities revealed by the audit?

By request, we can supply experts to help you implement the findings and remedy the vulnerabilities found – especially if this concerns producing the required documentation or developing plans. However, please bear in mind that we are not permitted to perform software programming or render computer retailer services such as selling software or hardware or the like in order to maintain our neutrality as a consultant.

How expensive is an audit?

Our prices conform to your requirements, the amount of work and the level of skill used by our auditors. We generally invoice planning, implementation and documentation according to the amount of work. The amount of work is based on your individual requirements. Our fee corresponds to standard market prices for qualified IT specialists and lawyers. For optimal cost transparency, we let you book your audit expenses in blocks. We’d be happy to send you more detailed information and a personal quote after the consultation!


Still have questions?