External data protection officer

As an external data protection officer, we help you avoid the risk of a fine.

Do you still not have a data protection officer, and do you need one? Are you unhappy with your current one and do you want to make sure that your company is ideally positioned when it comes to data protection and GDPR? Or do you just want to guarantee that your company is well protected from cautions or fines in the event of future adjustments to data protection directives? Do you want to outsource the annoying documentation work?


Use our team of experts to make sure you're always secure, even in the future!

75% of companies in Germany have yet to adequately implement GDPR and are at high risk of receiving a caution or a penalty as a result.
This comes from statistics released by Statista.

We make sure that our customers are always part of the other 25%. As an external data protection officer, we work with you to analyse problems and risks, and develop sustainable solutions for them for your company. We also keep you in the loop regarding the latest developments.


You don’t just get a data protection officer – you also get support from our entire team, which consists of data protection officers, lawyers and information security specialists, who will always give you advice regarding data protection and work on individual solutions with you.

This characterises our service as an external data protection officer!

We provide "Data protection as a service"

Our idea has always been to take as much work regarding data protection from our customers as possible so that they can focus on their core business. GDPR stipulates comprehensive documentation obligations for companies in many areas. The companies are usually largely responsible for setting up and maintaining data protection documentation themselves. A task which is often annoying, expensive and time-consuming, and which is difficult without a specialist legal background.

That’s because the data protection officer is only legally obliged to “inform and advise”. However, we’ll take these tasks from you as much as possible.

At a minimum, the documentation consists of the processing register and the TOMs, which we will create with you step by step. We’re going well beyond the legal obligations of a data protection officer.

You will also get our personal data protection software "docu-safe" for free

In docu-safe you’ll get a high-performance, multi-client capable data protection management system, which automates the processing of tasks across teams and sites.

This structured software and numerous checklists as well as an integrated ticketing system for data protection makes complying with legal documentation obligations in accordance with GDPR significantly easier. You can create, manage and maintain your data protection-related documents in an easy-to-operate user interface. The system is web-based and can be accessed by browser anywhere, regardless of location. That means it is ideally suited for individual companies through to big corporate structures and branch structures!

Other features include…

  • Data protection status at a glance via the dashboard
  • Automated email communication
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Ticketing system for optimal task management
  • Hosting in highly-secure, certified, German data centre
We'll always be right by your side in the event of any issues

We’re your partner throughout our entire time as your external data protection officer and we’ll be quickly and reliably by your side with suitable solutions for you. Regardless of whether that’s dealing with requests from data subjects and authorities or if there’s a data breach. We’ll give you advice and support you in the event of changes within your company, and we’ll keep you up-to-date via our exclusive newsletter.

Many of our customers particularly value our reliability, commitment and our solutions-oriented approach, as demonstrated by our customer references.

What do our customers say about us?


„The aigner business solutions team impresses us with extremely competent and solution-oriented advice. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we have enormously improved our information security management and passed the certification right away. We can only recommend aigner business solutions.”

Rita Craigue – from the ISO 27001 project team
Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG

„An excellent collaborative partnership. This is characterised by the competent, comprehensive data protection advice, which was always geared towards our requirements. It is nice to have data protection officers bringing concrete recommendations for solutions to take us forward instead of constantly only talking about what isn’t possible.”

Georg Andreas Huber – owner, Wolferstetter Bräu Georg Huber KG
Maier Korduletsch

“We feel extremely well taken care of thanks to the flexible support from the competent team of specialists at aigner business solutions. If you constantly have the right contact from the fields of IT or law on your side, data protection isn’t an obstacle – instead, it can ultimately be used as a mark of quality. With its data protection “as a service” approach, this team provides the optimal key for top data protection and IT security – and always in a solution-oriented way!”

Franz-Christian Brummer – commercial manager / authorised representative
Lindner Group KG Arnstorf

„Competence – reliability – flexibility! These three characteristics define our experience of working with them. For us, aigner business solutions is the best place to go to take your data protection and IT security to the next professional level in a solutions-oriented way.”

Andreas Bachmaier – managing director

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Data protection as a service: We take as much off your hands as possible
  • Always a team made up of specialists:
    lawyers, data protection officers and information security experts are available

  • Data protection solutions tailor-made for your company
  • Significant reduction in the risk of cautions or fines
  • Fulfils documentation obligations
  • Data protection software for documenting and verifying your data protection status included!
  • Exclusive messages regarding developments in data protection so that you’re always up-to-date

  • Fulfils GDPR specifications

Here's how it works...

1. Make an appointment

Click on the “Make an appointment” button, fill out the contact form with your details and make a suitable phone appointment for a free consultation.

2. Consultation

Together, we’ll discuss how we can support you as an external data protection officer and which of our services are relevant for you.

3. Analysis and conception

Following the basic set-up phase, we do a detailed analysis of where your shortcomings are when it comes to data protection. As part of this, we systematically review your available documents, processes and systems for vulnerabilities and gaps.

4. Conception

Step-by-step, we determine which documents and recommended actions are necessary to make your company GDPR-compliant.

5. Adressing the shortcomings

Creating all the necessary documents – e.g. texts, labour law-related information, contracts, etc. – and adjusting processes.

6. Continuous maintenance

We’re always there to give you advice and keep you up-to-date, and we’re there for you for any potential problems – that means you’re even protected in the future too.

7. Certified - secured

Just take the first step

Make an appointment for your free consultation right now

Other questions...

What services are included with the external data protection officer?

You receive “data protection as a service”:

external data protection officer + data protection management software + service

Instead of just an external data protection officer, you’ll also get access to a highly-specialised team made up of data protection officers, lawyers and IT specialists. Our back-office teams consist of qualified consultants and are available to you for any special questions on data protection. Thanks to our web portal, developed in-house, and our data protection management software “docu-safe”, it’s possible to provide support to branches abroad and at home without any issues, regardless of their location. Every customer who commissions us as external data protection officer will also receive the software docu-safe – for FREE! As an external data protection officer, we operate across Germany and the world with a highly-scalable approach. By request, we’ll also be happy to provide you with comprehensive support for the expensive and time-consuming preparation or creation of documents in accordance with the GDPR.

Is an internal or external data protection officer better?
Many companies tend to keep the issue of data protection internal and find a home for it in their IT or legal departments. An internal data protection officer certainly needs specialised knowledge of both sectors. If you aren’t completely sure, our specialists will be happy to assist you in a free consultation.
In which areas do you look after customers?
We look after customers throughout Germany and Europe. As a lot is handled by our data protection management software “docu-safe”, and predominantly by email, phone and even by video conference by request, we can give comprehensive advice anywhere and at any time. Data protection officers have a certain duty to be present – so, we will visit you on site only in the context of necessary statutory requirements or as often as you like!
Is the consultation really free?

Yes, it’s completely free and non-binding – it is just an opportunity to get to know each other and to find out if and how we can help you with your issues. You will absolutely not be invoiced for the consultation.

How much of the documentation obligation do you take on?

In principle, the law stipulates that the responsible authority, i.e. you, must deal with data protection documentation themselves.

Our experience shows that staff at companies are usually completely overburdened by the issue. That’s why we take as much of it from you as is permitted by law, such as preparing processing activities, creating TOMs or relevant processing documents and plans.

How much work should I anticipate putting into data protection?

Needless to say, GDPR leads to an increase in administrative work and documentation. If you commission an external data protection officer from us, we will take on the majority of the work and bureaucratic demands and you can continue to focus on your core business.

How expensive are your consultation and support services?

Generally speaking, we can’t give a specific flat rate for external data protection officers as the amount depends on the starting situation, your individual requirements and the amount of work incurred. Our fee corresponds to standard market prices for data protection officers, qualified IT specialists and lawyers.

Simply make an appointment for a free consultation with us and together we can identify your specific needs!

Do you also offer service packages for an external data protection officer?

Yes, we can offer you our basic data protection officer package or our premium data protection officer package. The basic package includes a minimum level of support from an external data protection officer. The premium package always includes customised consultation and documentation services, the scope of which we’ll agree together. If required, you can discuss this with our experts in your consultation.


Still have questions?