Training courses

Make use of what is demonstrably the best method for protecting yourself from attacks and data loss: your own employees!

Are you unsure if your employees have been trained well enough in data security or data protection measures to adequately protect your sensitive data (or that of your customers) from external attacks? Have there already been security issues caused by your employees? Or do you just want your employees to be kept up-to-date when it comes to data protection and information security in order to guarantee optimal protection in your company?


Awareness training courses are the solution!

Our training courses are tailored for your company and for your target groups

We provide a tailor-made range of training courses and programs for staff or those in management positions around the issues of data protection and information security which can either be carried out in-person by qualified coaches or online as e-learning courses.

We create a suitable training plan for your company. Regardless of the size of your company, your industry or risk group, you’ll receive a custom plan from us. One example that has proven successful is training executives, managers and board members on site in order to go into individual issues in detail while training the majority of the members of staff online via an e-learning course. In this way, we have an appropriate training plan for companies of every size.

We also support companies or internal data protection officers in training their own staff.

Support via e-learning courses

Our e-learning course is the perfect supplement to our in-person on-site training – convenient and easy to access via the web browser on your PC, you can provide a large number of employees with reliable training on the issues of IT security or data protection. The integrated quiz acts as a learning objectives test. Passing earns participants an official certificate. The time needed for each online training course is only about 25 minutes.

E-learning can be used as a completely independent measure or as a supplement to in-person training.

Make an appointment now and we’ll work together to develop the perfect e-learning plan for you.

Individual video courses on data protection and information security

We create the perfect virtual training for you – a combination of video and eLearning, individually tailored to you!

On request, we will create entertaining, instructive training videos for you, optimally tailored to your employees. You choose your training topics from the areas of data protection and IT security and we will produce training videos for you in our in-house, ultra-modern production studio. You will receive personalized, relevant video clips from e.g. 2-7 minutes in length. As a perfect addition, you can use our eLearning offers with the option of creating appropriate training certificates for employees.

Alternatively, you can upload the videos that we have pre-produced in your own established eLearning system and we will provide you with the right set of quiz questions for checking learning objectives. This means that you can train your employees in a completely flexible manner in terms of location and time, and at the same time professionally and sustainably.

We'll come to you, regardless of whether you're in germany, europe or even further afield

We’ll also be happy to train you on your premises, regardless of where your company is based. We normally offer our training courses in German or English. By special request, we’ll also be happy to provide training courses in your local language. We’re totally flexible and can adapt to your requirements. If you need more information, simply make a free consultation appointment – we’ll be happy to answer all your questions during your consultation.