GDPR courses

We train your employees for you in practical GDPR courses.
Always practical.

Although the GDPR involves documentation work, data protection must not be perceived as an annoying job creation. Only a practical and solution-oriented way of working by data protection officers and data protection coordinators makes it possible to implement the GDPR in such a way that not only data subjects but also the company itself benefit from it. In order to find these pragmatic solutions, you need expertise and a lot of practical experience. We pass on our know-how from day-to-day consulting in the areas of data protection and IT security in the form of GDPR courses, regardless of an appointment as an external data protection officer.

Always individual.

Data protection must be specially tailored to each company. Industry-specific standards must be taken into account as well as legal requirements, corporate culture, corporate structure and other company-specific needs.

Always targeted.

As soon as you receive your request, we will clarify what purpose the training should serve for you. This can involve sensitizing the entire workforce to the topic of data protection or individual departments such as marketing, HR, logistics or at management level. We even hold individual training courses, for example with your data protection coordinator.

Always professional.

Our on-site, online and video training courses are held by experienced, certified data protection officers, lawyers and IT specialists. You can rely on us to develop an individual training concept for you, to hold the training with confidence and to ensure sustainable awareness.

Always flexible.

Whether on site, remotely, via eLearning or with individual video training from our professional video studio. We adapt to the current situation and your needs.


Here you will find an extract from our range of data protection training courses. Combinations of different GDPR training courses, training courses in sub-areas or combinations with training courses in IT security and information security are possible on request.
GDPR in Marketing
from direct mail to user tracking

Data protection and marketing also work together.

We will show you what you have to be aware of.

GDPR training HR

There are many pitfalls in HR when it comes to GDPR.

In the training you will learn what you need to know about employee data protection in practice.

GDPR compliant websites
Datenschutz im Marketing

In the training we will explain to you which legal and technical aspects you have to consider for your homepage.

Find out more about our GDPR checks for websites and web shops.

GDPR basics
Die Basics der Datenschutzgrundverordnung

All employees must be sensitized to the topic of data protection in the long term. We impart the basics of the GDPR in a varied way and individually tailored to your company.

Processing activities
GDPR basics

Data processing activities are one of the basics of the GDPR. In addition to the basics, we also provide you with practical tips and tricks.

GDPR and data protection impact assessments
GDPR basics

With methodology and system, you can also master data protection impact assessments in everyday data protection and project work. We show you how it works.

Data protection coordinators
GDPR basics

As the data protection coordination office, you are the operational contact for the external DPO. We prepare you for this role.

Data protection in healthcare
Industry-specific data protection training

In particular, when it comes to sensitive data, data protection must not be neglected. Our data protection experts, who specialize in the field of healthcare, will help you with this training.

GDPR for executives
GDPR basics

Data protection can only work in a company if management is behind it.

Data protection in logistics
GDPR basics

Everyone who comes into contact with personal data in the company must be sensitized to the subject of data protection.

We explain to you what you have to pay particular attention to in the area of logistics.

Data protection for car dealers
GDPR basics

Many car dealerships have some catching up to do, especially when it comes to technical and organizational measures. We’ll show you what to look out for when  it comes to protecting personal data as a car dealer.

Data protection and IT security
GDPR basics, IT security basics

Data protection does not work without IT security. For this reason, companies need to sensitize their employees in both areas. We offer you a combined basic training in the areas of data protection and IT security.

You can find even more about training, eLearning and individual video training on our service page for training.

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