BayLDA conducts random checks to raise awareness against ransomware attacks

von Jan Schwemler

The BayLDA has announced that it will conduct audits at companies to make them aware of ransomware attacks and query the protective measures implemented by the companies against such attacks. In the last six months alone, companies reported several hundred such attacks to the BayLDA. The victims of these attacks are small to large companies from a wide range of industries.

What is Ransomware about

Ransomware is malware that denies companies access to their data, for example by encrypting it. Companies can then no longer access their data. Only when companies pay a ransom (ransom) do they (hopefully) regain access to their data. However, shutting down production or operations is not the only threat posed by such attacks. Data can also be tapped and offered for sale on the darknet. The number of such attacks was up significantly overall in 2021 (see also the blog post “BSI and BKA warn of cyber attacks over Christmas”).

New staff unit at BayLDA conducts examinations without cause

A new staff unit at the BayLDA has been set up to enable random audits. Its first action is to send five questions to companies to determine how well they are prepared for ransomware attacks. As part of sending out these questions, BayLDA is also providing companies with a kind of checklist. With this checklist, people can check for themselves what needs to be improved. So with these checks, the BayLDA not only wants to perform its task as a supervisory authority of carrying out checks, but also to sensitize companies and support them in preventing and preparing for attacks. In the future, the Audit Procedures unit at the BayLDA will also conduct partially automated online audits on other key topics.

What companies can do against ransomware attacks

The focus of companies should not be exclusively on preventing such ransomware attacks from the outset, but also on how they can quickly detect such attacks and restore data or operations in the event of an emergency. Measures that companies should take to arm themselves against ransomware attacks include appropriate employee sensitization as well as a backup concept and an emergency plan. Both should also be practiced or tested regularly.

What to do when you receive the questionnaire from BayLDA

If you receive the questionnaire from the BayLDA, you should not ignore it under any circumstances. We will be happy to help you answer it properly.

If you have any questions about your company’s security strategy, please contact us. We will help you develop individual solutions for your threat scenario.

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