Information security, IT security and data protection – terms simply explained

von Tobias

Information security, data protection and IT security are three terms that are often used in the same context in everyday life, but have different meanings. The corresponding measures usually go hand in hand, but data protection, data security and IT security have very different priorities. All three areas are of crucial importance within a company. You can find out what is important in detail and what the specific differences are in the blog article.

What is IT security?

IT security is part of the larger topic of information security. The aim of IT security is to protect the information of the organizations or the company and their values ​​from threats. In short: to protect all electronically stored company data against access by third parties and thus to prevent economic damage.

However, this is by no means exclusively about personal data. Rather, all relevant and sensitive company data is included here.
In order to be able to maintain IT security in the company, the latest anti-virus software must, for example, always be installed and appropriate protective measures must be taken against hacker attacks. The control and monitoring of access rights is also important.

What is data security?

Data security and data protection are often mixed up, but describe two different areas. Data security has a technical goal: data of any kind – by no means only personal data – should be protected against manipulation, loss and other threats. Data security is therefore a prerequisite for effective data protection.

The dream team – IT security and data protection

Data protection is a goal that can be achieved with the measures described above. IT security is one of the most important building blocks here. Because without appropriately secured IT systems, a company cannot achieve data protection compliance. Even if IT security and data protection are different aspects of a large complex of issues, they are based on the same technical and organizational measures and pursue common protection goals:


In order to guarantee the confidentiality of data, the appropriate protection of stored and transmitted data is essential. Only defined and selected persons are allowed to access this data. While data protection focuses on personal data here, IT security focuses on the technical measures that can enable this protection of all information.


Data and systems must be correct and unchanged. Only then will the relevant data be reliable. Tampering, for example by falsifying data, must be prevented. Here, too, IT security tools come into play, for example when important contracts are signed and transmitted.


Both IT systems and messages have to be authentic, so authenticity, verifiability and trustworthiness must be ensured. To be able to make a change under a false name would violate this principle.


Of course, the data must be protected, but it must also be available to authorized persons. System failures, etc. represent an attack on this very principle. Availability through the provision of appropriate technical systems such as a universal power supply (UPS) serve, among other things, to meet this requirement.

In summary: with IT security for more data protection

In conclusion, it can be said that IT security is one of the means that leads to more data protection in the company. Our specialists will be happy to help you advance with the greatest possible synergy effects in both areas. Simply contact us using our contact form or give us a call: 08505 – 91927-0.


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