Support ended: Windows 7 classified as critical since January 14, 2020

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The software manufacturer Microsoft officially ended support for its Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020. Many companies could soon become victims of cyber attacks. You can find out why the end of support not only entails IT security risks, but also possible GDPR fines for your company, in our blog article.

No more free security updates for Windows 7

The end of support for Windows 7 means that the operating system will no longer receive free security updates from the manufacturer. Studies show, however, that around 30 percent of all PC users are still using the outdated operating system. Companies can buy a grace period from Microsoft in order to receive security updates for a longer period of time, but companies have to dig deep into their wallets for a separate support contract.

Possible cyber attacks when using an outdated operating system

If your company is still running Windows 7 productively, you must expect that your organization will be more easily affected by cyber attacks in the future. Microsoft no longer closes known security gaps in the operating system with updates. Despite the widespread use of Windows 7 in recent years, the operating system peaked in 2019. Attackers could potentially exploit the 250 known known security vulnerabilities.

There is a threat of GDPR fines

Ignoring the ended Windows 7 support and not switching to the current Windows 10 is risky. But it not only increases the risk of a possible cyber attack for you. At the same time, you also violate the General Data Protection Regulation. There is a risk of fines because the operating system no longer corresponds to the required “state of the art”. However, this is required for the processing of personal data according to the GDPR.

Change to Windows 10 necessary

If you are not yet working with the current Windows 10 in your company, you should update your PCs as soon as possible. Incidentally, the end of support does not only apply to the Windows 7 user operating system, but also to the different versions of the “Windows Server 2008” server operating system. A detailed list can be found under this link.

Since there are also relevant criteria when using Windows 10 to operate it in compliance with data protection regulations, various technical and organizational measures must also be observed for the new operating system.

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