TISAX® – simply explained: assessment objectives and labels

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Although there is still no general requirement for TISAX® certification, it is required by more and more automobile manufacturers. In order not to endanger the partnership, certification is then inevitable at the latest. Satisfying the complex requirements remains a challenge for many companies.

In our video series “TISAX® – simply explained”, we clarify the most frequently asked questions that we are asked again and again in practice. Our part 2 deals with test targets and labels.

The two terms “test objectives” and “labels” are often mixed up. Strictly speaking, there are differences here that you should be aware of. You can find out more about the terminology in the video. We will also show you which test objectives exist in the four main categories and which objective you should choose.
Soon there will be more exciting information in our video series “TISAX® – simply explained”. In the next part, for example, we will deal with the various assessment levels of TISAX® certification.

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Your customer requests TISAX® certification or do you want to act with foresight and make all the preparations before the request is received? Are you in the middle of such a project yourself and need professional advice? Would you like help with some aspects of security measures, such as the introduction of an ISMS?

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