VIDEO: 3G in the workplace – everything you need to know about the Corona protection regulation and its data protection

von Jan

Recently, the Corona traffic light has been on red throughout Bavaria, bringing with it stricter regulations for infection control. The regulations applicable to each stage were not adjusted again to the worsening infection situation in the Free State until 05.11.2021 with the Ordinance Amending the Fourteenth Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance.

3G in the workplace for all employees

In particular, it has been newly added that a 3G regulation now also applies to all employees when entering the plants. Previously, this was only mandatory for companies whose employees worked in direct contact with customers; now, possible contact with colleagues is also sufficient. At least if more than 10 employees are employed in a company.

And data protection?

The new rules on occupational infection control naturally also have an impact on data protection. In principle, the vaccination, test or recovery status is a personal data. Since this affects the personal health of employees, it even constitutes information requiring special protection under Article 9 of the GDPR.

How do I handle this data?

As a result, there has been a heated debate in recent months about how to deal with this information in the operational context. While over the summer the presentation of the relevant proof became more and more routine and access to cinemas, restaurants and many events was only possible if 3G was complied with, the operational area remained predominantly unregulated by law. Consequently, the prevailing opinion was that the employer had no right to obtain information about the vaccination, testing or health status of its employees, or that the employee did not have to provide any information about this.

This finding is now at least in Bavaria and as far as the Corona traffic light stands on red, no longer in this form to hold.  Thus, an employer is now legally obliged to implement the 3G regulation in his company as well. You can find out more about 3G in the workplace in our YouTube video.


In the video clip, the above points and other following chapters are conveyed:

Topic explanation and legal basis

Concrete legal requirement

Relevance to data protection law

Recommendation for the data protection solution

New regulation offers no right to ask questions

Other obligations under data protection law

Duration of storage

Memory limitation

Basic information


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