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An expedition that needs good preparation: TISAX® certification also for sole proprietorships! We show you how photographer Stefan Bogner was the first sole proprietor in Germany to achieve TISAX® certification.

“TISAX® is car!” – The certification for all automotive suppliers

It is common practice: automotive manufacturers develop their products in collaboration with their suppliers. To ensure that the resulting data can be processed securely and exchanged with confidence, the German Association of the Automotive Industry developed the TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) testing and exchange mechanism in 2017 (TISAX® is a trademark of the European Network Exchange Association (ENX)). It was precisely for this TISAX® certification that Mr. Bogner turned to us to help him reach his certification goal in an advisory capacity. A quote from Mr. Bogner says the following about the success story:

“For creatives, TISAX® is antimatter! Today, however, I have a better understanding of the system behind it. My contact persons at aigner business solutions were always calm and explanatory, in short: simply pleasant. The effort is really big, but much less if you have a partner like aigner. I am very happy to have found someone who understands me and who I like to call. So from me it’s a five-star gold rating!”.

To answer further questions about the TISAX® certification success story, we interviewed Mr. Bogner in person at CURVES MAGAZIN and gained interesting insights and answers, which we reveal in our video report.


In our interview, you will learn about the following topics:

What do you do for a living, Mr. Bogner?

Why do you manage to get insights that no one else gets?

What has changed for someone like you, who is commissioned by the automotive industry, in recent years?

Why did this become a real challenge for you as a sole proprietor?

You are the first ever TISAX®-certified sole proprietor. How did you manage that? What was the solution?

What was the concrete benefit from the TISAX® certification?

How are you today, after the certification? What has improved for you in concrete terms?

What advice do you have for other “lone wolves” who would also like to become certified?

What is special about aigner business solutions?


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